Microdrive 340 prices dropping...

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Daniel Lauring
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Re: Microdrive 340 prices dropping...

I think this is the new packages from Microtech and no one has them in stock yet. That is a pretty tempting price but I wonder what the price of the Microtech 512 package will be considering IBM lists it for $399 and Microtech's prices are lower. IMHO it would be better to wait and see if you can get a 512Mb for $350 vs. a 340Mb for $265.

I could see myself buying a 512Mb if they hit $300. The main limitation right now is that so few cameras support them.

Patrick wrote:

I assume the S10/S20 will take all of the new drives, although that is
just a guess.

I'll tell you, I was downtown this weeend with my (sure seems puny now)
96MB card and it sure got filled up pretty fast. It would be nice to
have the luxury of having 340MB to fill...

Tony wrote:
Where did you see the Microdrive 340 for $289?
Do you know if the 512MB and 1Gb microdrives will be compatible with
cameras that had the type II slot (such as the Canon S-10) manufactured
when only a 340MB version was available?

Patrick wrote:

I've seen the Microdrive 340 MB prices fall by as much as $100 over the
last two weeks, probably due to the announcements regarding the 512MB and
1Gb versions.

Are the added feature(s) (e.g., increased shock) worth the wait and/or
price difference if the 340MB can be had for $289 with the travel kit?

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