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Re: PercepTool - opinions? I like it


I have given the demo a try and I am quite fascinated (although definitely not by the price).

My workflow has been as follows:

Process raw in Lightroom/Photoshop raw converter, mainly white balance. Following the instruction I take special care not clip highlights.

I then run the script version of PercepTool on a 16 bit version. I use the gamma and amount slider to get the result I want, sometime a little tweak on the saturation slider.

The result is fast and appealing on many landscape pictures.

Effect is different per image, sometimes a local contrast tweak, sometimes saturation boost, sometimes graduated density filter effect, and all kinds of combinations combinations of that.

I like the results most of the time, sometimes a little more processing (levels, shadows/highlight) etc. further improve the image.

I am impressed it gives me the results I am after in (almost) one step.

Please see link below with some before and after images:


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