Ligthroom 2.4 first try...

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Re: Ligthroom 2.4 first try...

Hi Wally,

WHNewell wrote:
Hi Seng,

I've been using all 3 (CSx,LRx, & SPPxx) for a long time and my only
comment is each have strong points that are hard to let go of. SPP in
some cases will do a better job of converting the RAW X3F's than the
others and should not be left out of your digital tool kit. Photoshop
does have more advanced editing features. Lightroom is supported by
many different developers and there are many add-ons which greatly
enhances its capabilities. I still use Qimage for hardcopies.

That's what I heard repeatedly...I never had any intention of replacing SPP completely...I will use them along side depending on what situations or type of pictures are best suit for either or both...If anything LR is a replacement for my old CS.

I'd suggest looking in the Adobe LR support area for many add-ons
that may be useful to you. Some of them are free or can be had for a
pittance. One add-on you may be interested in is an add-on to
directly export your photos to Flickr. There are other add-ons which
will embed your own custom watermarks and several which aid you with
IR simulation.

I will definitely looking into that as soon as I get a bit more comfortable navigating around LR.

My conclusion is Lightroom is a work in progress which is nearly
limitless given the 3rd party developer support. It will take time to
learn it and it will probably grow on you.

The add-on for flickr is here, be certain you download the one for LR
V2 and later

Great, I will download it right away.

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Thank you Wally,
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