E-P1 future lens speculation, question, concern

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Joel Stern
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RoyGBiv Re: E-P1 future lens speculation, question, concern

RoyGBiv wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

For me this camera could only work with small lenses so zooms will be
out for what I would want. So what do you think we could expect in
primes and would they be affordable (prices somewhere near the 17
they are selling for $299)?

I would think a 12mm and a 50mm would round out the set quite nicely,
but could they keep the 50 at a small size? I have no idea what they
are capable of with micro 4/3 and any speculation based on some
experience would be greatly appreciated.

I would also want them to be a fast a possible, a 12 at no more than
F2.8, the 50 I really don't know.


I agree, the Ep-1 is best paired with compact fast primes, rather
than zooms. Zooms would really work fine too, and would be more
compact than comparable zooms, but not so much so as to allow you to
carry it in a manner different than an slr. A rangefinder-esque form
factor with a couple of primes fits into a very compact (and flat)
kit...potentially in on-the-body. A zoom would really kind of
change that.

When you say you want F2.8, what is it about the F2.8 that appeals to
you? Is it just the speed, (for low-light performance) or were you
looking for the DoF of an F2.8 as well? And if you were interested
in the DoF of F2.8, are you referring to the DoF equivalent of a 35mm
F2.8, or a mft f2.8 (which would be equivalent to a 35mm F5.6)?

Personally, I've set my sights for a lens that would allow similar
performance to the 35mm equivalent of the F2.8 in both the . In the
mft world, that would mean I'm hunting for a lens with a true mft

I agree, the 12 and the 50 would round out the kit nicely.

As I rethink this camera I think it is worth trying with both lenses to get a sense...but to answer your question, the f 2.8 is for speed without breaking the bank, and with wider zooms I think this should be possible. Would I want something that is 1.4 or 1.8, yes, sure, it is cost that would concern me about a lens that fast.

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