Wedding + D90 + 70-200 VR = holy mole

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Re: Wedding + D90 + 70-200 VR = holy mole

Westgate wrote:

Unbelievably happy with the results. Rented the 70-200, now I want
to buy it. I've rented other gold label nikkors before, but I've
never gotten the kinds of results the 70-200 gave. Razor sharp,
fastest focusing I've ever used, most accurate focusing I've ever
used, the color and the contrast is amazing.

I was the 2nd photographer (more like the 3rd because the 1st had
partner) all of us are friends and friends of the bride and groom and
were doing the work for cost.

Couldn't be happier, here are a few results.

You got some good pictures there no doubt, but it appears this wedding was outdoors...not that I'm sure the lens wasn't greatly appreciated but you hardly need the 70-200 f/2.8 VR for an outdoors wedding. Take that lens inside with the D90 and you'll really be ecstatic about it.

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