do i need a separate graphics card for photoshop ?

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Patrick T. Kelly Veteran Member • Posts: 4,105
Answer and thoughts.....

I would say a spiffy graphics card is essential if you play games or do video editing.

Other thoughts:
A. RAM is cheap now. Mex out your laptop but consider 4Gb the minimum..

B. Go for a 64bit operating system. Both Photoshop and Lightroom come in 64bit and none of my 32bit applications run worse on a 64bit OS. A few might not run at all, like my Pentax raw codecs, but if they run they don't run wose.

C. People are correct that most laptops come with 5400rpm hard drives but you can get laptops with 7200rpm hard drives. Whether you run programs from the hard drive or not isn't an issue. You will still be reading and writing files from the hard drive.
D. Do get the largest hard drive possible.

E. SSD? Not yet. I assumed they would be faster than a HD but that isn't always the case and they're still small and expensive.

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