Sigma 24-70mm for landscape

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Re: In addition to Roman's advice ...

Diffraction is dependent on aperatrure and pixel size. for a 12MP DX sensor you can use ANY aperature (On any lens) up to about F/11. It dosn't matter what your minimum aperature is on your lens, just for 12MP DX (which means Non FF)

I personally dont reccomend the f/5.6 your DOF could end up being narrower than you need. I would start at F/8 and check your sharpness from foreground to background, and adjust toward F/11 if needed. But f/11 would be my hard limit with any lens.


CALLAS wrote:

Thanks for all of the advice and info. Truly understanding digital
photography is VERY difficult. You really need a Phd!
If I am using a 2.8 lens then I should expect good results between
F5.6 and F8 without diffraction. So does this mean that if my lens is
F5.6 then I should be able to go as high as F11 without diffraction?
andré in lisbon

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