How will Sony respond to the Olympus Pen E-P1?

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Not really

Henry Richardson wrote:

The point parallaxproblem made went right over your head.

No, it didn't, but there's more to it than that.

Nikon and Pentax kept their MF mount and just added AF along with the
mechanical linkages.

True. They also kept their aperture rings, something you won't find on Minolta AF lenses.

Canon changed their mount and added electrical linkages.

True, but I'm not sure Canon owners at the time thought it was such a great idea - in fact, I know they did not. They also asked, if Nikon could, why not Canon? In hindsight, it was the smartest solution, but if back in 1987 you had just invested in a Canon F1 and several hugely expensive lenses, would you have been thinking - at that time - that it was totally justified and would eventually be in your best interest?

Minolta changed their mount and yet kept mechanical linkages.

False (inasmuch as it is not entirely true). They added electrical linkages, and more have been added since). I guess it went right over your head.

If they were going to keep mechanical linkages they could
have done the same as Nikon and Pentax and not immediately make all
previous Minolta MF lenses obsolete and unusable on the AF system.

Yes, but just to annoy and alienate existing customers they chose to make a complete change. It's a hell of a way to make money.

Minolta chose to make the mount change without providing the big
change of also using electrical linkages.

Remember, they did also use those.

So, what was the point?

The addition of electrical linkages, the removal of aperture rings - and quite possibly the use of a somewhat larger diameter mount.

Well, it did mean they could sell a whole bunch of new lenses.

Unlike Canon. Oh, that's right ... Canon had all the good reasons, Minolta didn't. It makes a hell of a difference to the customers. Creating the world's first really usable AF SLR system doesn't justify a new mount, but adding a few contacts does. But, wait ... Minolta also did that.

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