Leica mechanacal rangefinder on top of Olympus D-P1

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Godfrey Forum Pro • Posts: 29,319
... G1 + Cosmicar 12.5mm f/1.4

Mark Ehlers wrote:

Godfrey wrote:

Off Topic - but fun anyway ... speaking of gluing and riding the DoF ...

My latest entertainment has been to fit a little Cosmicar 12.5mm
f/1.4 TV lens on an adapter (took some modification... and Crazy
Glue) to the G1. It vignettes, limiting me to a square format with 76
degrees diagonal FoV. I couldn't take enough meat off the flange to
get to infinity focus, but I've set it up for 4.2' at the infinity
mark which will be fine for street portraiture ... work the focus
with the aperture ring, f/9 = 2.1' to infinity. Woo hoo! Can't wait
to go shooting with it in SF tomorrow.

Very cool, Godfrey. Can you post a picture of your creation? I'll be
eager to see what you come up with in SF!

Quick snaps on my desk with flash:

And another quick portrait taken with it this evening:

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