DP1 dust trapped under LCD glass

Started Jun 18, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Re: DP1 dust trapped under LCD glass

lavalamp wrote:

I just got a brand new DP1 from Amazon. All is well except there
seems to be a couple of dust flecks trapped under the LCD. While this
will not really be a problem for my images, it is nonetheless

Is this a known issue on the DPx cameras? Any way to clean it myself?
Other than this minor bother I think I will really enjoy the camera.

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Yes, I too have the dust problem under the LCD and it's been only 2 weeks of use. Sigma should look into quality control for thier cameras in the future. It's bothersome, but not as bad as dust on the sensor, which is a possibility later with all these holes and a body made without a seal. Even with the hood attachment on all the time, I've seen dust enter onto the lens. Gets me thinking that this is a disposable camera with terrific IQ sometimes.

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