why does the xxD line so many issues with shutter ?

Started Jun 20, 2009 | Discussions thread
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do you make money off your gear?

mantra wrote:

well i have a 350D , 2 40Ds , and a 5d mark2 and i had a 5d
i have 6 friends they have a 40D
i know could sound incredible ,all my cameras had issues
my friend's 40D had issues
about the 40D , all 6 -> errror 99 shutter gone ,shutter assembly pcd
assembly and dc replaces
my 350 after 3.000k shoots started to have focus probelm
my 5d mark2 has shutter button problem

Is this all just for a hobby or do you make money with your gear? If it's just a hobby, then it's never a good financial move to switch brands. You either end up shelling out a lot of money after selling your current gear to buy new equipment or you end up with less equipment after buying what you can from what you got from the sale of your old gear.

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