Lens trio for full-frame

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David Hughes Veteran Member • Posts: 6,553
Re: Lens trio for full-frame


For portraiture almost any 85 or 90 at around f/2 will do. Even elderly former USSR ones will work with an adapter as shallow DoF and a "soft" touch are needed and usually you'll be focusing by eye (manually) and shooting wide open for the shallow DoF.

When I had an EOS I used a soft or diffuser filter for portraiture as it was way too sharp without. But the old Russian lens did the trick all the time.

I won't say a word about extreme W/A for landscapes - being polite and disliking the perspective distortion you get once off vertical.

Marco means a special lens and bellows. And a complex linkage between the lens and camera body but macro with full frame and bellows is a not something people seem to do these days.

Regards, David

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