Question Re Small/Medium Softboxes

Started Jun 23, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Re: Question Re Small/Medium Softboxes

The 2 softboxes were supplied as part of the standard Interfit Stellar kit.

The issue for me is if I buy the used kit with 2 smallish softboxes but then end up buying an umbrella and a larger softbox later, I will end up spending almost as much as if I had bought a two umbrella kit and a large softbox new. Likely price for the Stellar 300 kit with 2 softboxes on eBay will be around £300 (less than 2 years old with some items unopened). New model Stellar X 300 kit with 2 umbrellas and an additional 100cm softbox will be £450 brand new.

£150 extra is not a massive amount extra for the brand new kit but it is still a significant saving when you are buying your first kit. The flip side is that by buying used, if I find I don't use the kit as much as I intended, I can sell it without losing too much money. That is why I am keen to find out whether the 60cm softboxes are adequate.

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