Oly E-P1 nice, but could have been so much more

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Re: MennoB, I like to share some thoughts

spheredome wrote:

Sorry, I don't mean to modify a tiny bit of the creator's picture but
somehow that camera makes my dream runs. And seeing is much more
fulfilling than writing.

Hey, there's no respect for copyrights in here ;oP I just hope P.A. never takes a peek at this thread. I forgot the add a text to the pic like "original images from dpreview" or something like that, so I'd probably get burned for stealing his website pixies

A comment;

Adding an infra remote receiver does make sense, but then the eye should IMO be in the top of the flash. After all, manually popping up the flash would then mean you could IR-trigger the shutter from behind the cam too.

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