Oly E-P1 nice, but could have been so much more

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Re: It is easy to make up things in photoshop...

Nappe1 wrote:

as you really don't need to think where to put all needed extra
electronics, mounting points, contacts, flash condensators, etc.

Eh, but I did. If you look better you can see I added quite a bit to the height of the cam. Not only on the right side (where I projected the EVF and flash) but also on the left. And the mode dial went from in- to external. Also I wrote the body probably had to grow a bit fatter. Not a problem IMO, with anything but the pancake the lens is the one that adds most bulk anyway. Adding a few mm to the body would hardly make an impact.

The only 2 things I want that add bulk are EVF and flash. IMO both can be realized in space I gave them in the fake pic. Just look at the Nikon P60, which has an EVF in an even smaller area and, to a lesser extend, the Digilux 2. The only (real) problem might be the capacitor, but I've seen samples of quite small 350v ones on the internet.

As I wrote earlier, I understand there's little room for fancy stuff. But IMO a mediocre EVF is better than no VF at all, and the same goes for the internal flash.

Now try again and put in everything needed to make all that stuff

What's this two dimensional top down view supposed to mean? That the EP1 is 121mm wide, 36mm deep and 1mm high?

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