Oly E-P1 nice, but could have been so much more

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Re: MennoB, I like to share some thoughts

Hi MennoB

I can help it but to awe at the artwork and impressive work into mix matching construction onto the idealism of the EPx. I have some view.

  • adding a focus assist lamp on the right top (silver side)

  • an infra remote and self-timer lamp at the bottom of the left grip.

  • add a IS stablizer logo.

  • remove the top function dial and use the side dial instead (retain actual design)

  • add a 5th button on top of the AFL lock button for IS.

I have for simulating thought tried pasting the above onto your pic and see what it looks like but my colleague said it spoil the Pen series look. :). What's your view?

MennoB wrote:

Oly tries to attract both P&S and DSLR shooters with their E-P1 cam.
But IMO its feature set is too compromized for DSLR shooters, and its
size -with zoom lens- still too bulky for P&S people.

OK, it would have to grow a little taller and fatter, but I would pay
a $200 premium for something like this (hit expand):

-reasonably good EVF
-pop up flash (pref. with Digilux-2 style bounce option)
-thumbwheel dial for ASM modes
-black rubber coating (OK, not important, just nice)

Would you?

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