Are flash settings saved to EXIF?

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Re: Are flash settings saved to EXIF?

Fawad wrote:

Are settings that you set on your flash also written to the EXIF data
in your image file? When I browse the shots from a gig I've shot it
would be very handy to be able to use the metadata in the EXIF as a
learning to. I'd like to be able to browse my shots and see this
data for shots that really came out great and ones that didn't and
try to better understand why in the context of the lighting
conditions at the time of the shot.

Nikon Capture DX (RAW software) shows from the Exif:

Flash mode (TTL, TTL BL, etc), Sync mode (front/rear curtain), flash compensation EV, including individual commander group mode and compensation.

Adobe products do not show that level of detail, at least not for Nikon.

It is neat, but I like Adobe stuff better. But NX can be used for reference.

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