First airshow with D300 + 200-400 (lots of pics)

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First airshow with D300 + 200-400 (lots of pics)

Sometimes, it all just comes together. An airshow with an impressive program, an excellent camera and lens, and even the weather cooperates. Life can be good...

The D300 and 200-400 didn't disappoint, I doubt I'd have gotten this shot with another combo:


The weather was the typical dutch rapid-fire mix of blue skies and dark clouds, sometimes even during a single display! I constantly had to vary the exposure compensation. The next two pics were taken less than a minute apart:

Several jets had some interesting paint on them. The first one is celebrating 55 years of 313 squadron, the second is the Dutch Air Force solo display F-16. Check out the stylized lion!

Really BIG version:

But the highlight of the day was the only Avro Vulcan still flying, XH558.

Way too big version:

At the end of the day, I had taken about 3000 pictures. After weeding out the doubles, the non-interesting shots and the downright failures I have 600 left. Not bad for a days work, processing them will take a bit longer...

Just one more: for this little guy, the show was over.

C&C welcome, I'd rather hear the bad news now than after having processed all 600 pics. What I have ready so far is at


Taking good pictures comes from experience, experience comes from taking a lot of bad pictures.

Flat view
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