G1 - Tracking Moving Objects (possible solution)

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G1 - Tracking Moving Objects (possible solution)

Well I got bored today and decided to find ways to track a moving object without using the EVF (since it blacks out in burst mode as many of you know). I know there are RDS adapters that fit on the hot shoe, but I dont plan on spending money on that when I rarely have to track moving objects.

But anyway, heres what I figured out.

I've only done this with the 14-45 with lens hood attached. It also seems to work at any focal length on the 14-45.

Put your eye right above the EVF, about level with the hot shoe. Your cheek (eye bags?) should be pushed up against the EVF at this point. Look straight forward and tilt the camera upwards until you can just see the white alignment mark on the lens hood.

Heres a few pictures I took.. not so clear but it should show what I mean

(Excuse my messy-ness, and yes I am young if anyones wondering)

Heres a few test pictures I took around the room. In all pictures, I lined up the tip with the bottom of the target.

Target is the iron.

Target is the blower.

Target is the zyrtec box.

Basically, aim the tip of the lens hood slightly below what you want to be the center of the picture. In those pictures, I aligned the tip of the lens hood with the bottom of the object, and that seemed to have worked well.

For bigger objects, aim a little below the center of the object. For example, with a person, I guess you would aim at the hip to center the person.

This is just a crude way of tracking that I came up with in like 5 minutes of boredom. But its better than nothing, especially when you dont have a RDS or dont have time to mount it.

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