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chrswggl wrote:

Lance B wrote:

KALEL33 wrote:

yana36 wrote:


have a look at photos.
it's very low level. like schoolboy with P&S.

Please go and C&C some of the people in the Canon and beginner forums
about their DSLR shots. If you think that's bad then look at how
many people on this site are extremely much worse a photographer than
that guy.

You are unbelievable. How can a reviewer be taken seriously if he
can't even take a decent photo let alone write up a review that has
the facts.

Lance, there's a reason reviewers are reviewers and not
photographers. The two are VERY different. I don't think it's fair
to either photographers or reviewers to say that one begets the other.

That is true, but it still calls into question their reviewer status if they can't get the facts right as it then seems that the reviewer was sloppy in their work. This then follows that they may be sloppy in their review. We just have to wonder about that. Having said that, the review was reasonably positive.

Seriously, I don't think any reviewer or review will get a fair shake
unless the K7 is elicited as the "next coming", with any negativity
being smited as heresy.

Give me a break. And you can't even accept that we take the
reviewer to task because he takes lousy photos, which shows a lack of
ability and therefore shouldn't be taken seriously, and gets basic
facts about Pentax completely wrong. If he can't get that right how
can anyone take him seriously. Go back to your Canon or Nikon
camera and keep thinking that they are God's gift to photography.

Honestly, the "facts" he got wrong were really minor. It isn't the
most favorable review, but I'd say it gives the k-7 a balanced
critique. And honestly, for those who thought improved AF meant
better than or equal to the D300, be realistic. Pentax isn't going
to suddenly jump from the worst in low light to the best-certainly
not beating out the major players with $$$ to spend.

I agree that the facts are minor and the review is a reasonably positive one, but that is to you and me, but not to a newbie. A newbie who looks at Pentax may think that they are a Johny come lately and that Pentax have only just discovered battery grips, and that Pentax has poor metering because it underexposes.

Pentax deliberately underexposes to preserve highlights and it is not a fault, but a design consideration. Some think that Canon overexposes, but that is the way that they have designed their cameras metering but it doesn't make it right or wrong, just different. So, for a reviewer to say that the camera underexposes is his opinion and he should also state that it is his opinion and he should also know and state that this is a system employed to preserve highlights. If he was a photographer or had more knowledge in this area, he would more than likely know this. Therefore if it is a sytem designed to preserve highlights, then again I say, that it is a Pentax design consideration not a fault.

Now, to be fair, I was really trying to stress my point to KALEL33, and his assertion that the photos were no worse than any posted on DPR, that the review was sloppy and thus questionable, and therefore discussion has taken off on a tangent. The only reason that I bring up the above arguments is that I believe that the reviewer should have more knowledge than he has shown and therefore his seeming lack of knowledge has tainted his review as being a little slap happy. I am sure that you will find that DPR makes no such assertions about "underexposure" or that Pentax has never had a battery grip previously, or that it has 77 segment for AF?!!. Again these are basic facts that he should have got right and smacks of a rushed and unresearched review.

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