Old Phil vs. New Phil (Askey)

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Thomas Niemann Veteran Member • Posts: 4,354
Old Phil vs. New Phil (Askey)

For years Phil's posts have been somewhat brief. Typically one sentence that, well, keeps you on your toes. Often with a touch of sarcasm.


About a month ago his posts changed. Now it's the kindly gentleman, the knowlegeable site manager, willing to give a helping hand. And one sentence responses are no longer the rule.


Bligh me! In the last post he actually agreed with someone.

So, what changed? Here are some ideas:

1. An alien, from a superior race, has taken over Phil's body.

2. Phil and Joanne had a baby. That always changes things.

3. Prozac.

Let's vote for who we like. Just put "Old Phil" or "New Phil" in the subject line, and your reasoning in the message. My vote:

Old Phil

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