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Re: Those are by far the worst images

dudlew wrote:

KALEL33 wrote:

Lance B wrote:

Stick with your Canon, or go to Nikon as I am sure you're better suited to them.

Ah, the arrogance continues with the elitist type. Glad you know my
style and preferences to make that decision. How could I have ever
come up with that myself. I'm elated that there are people, like
you, who know more than everyone else and can make that decision for

I will guarantee if a review comes out that is not of the highest
praise for the K7 that you will pan it as bias or just a horrible
review, because you knew it was perfect before any review. You
already ordered it so it has to be great and nobody can say your
decision was flawed.

I am in total disagreement with you on your point KALEL33. I am not
backing Lance or anybody else, but to say that the review was good
thorough and very accurate and informative is like saying a Hyundai
pony is in the same league as a BMW M5.

I may not agree with Lance's words or how he uses them, but it makes
no sense to defend a flaw. The facts about the K 7, K20, and all
Pentax cameras are readily available all over the internetavailable,
yet he gets the basic info of the camera wrong. Go figure.

To also compare the photos of a REVIEWER, with the average Joe is
also plain WRONG. Why should I accept a professional review of a
kitchen knife from someone who cant use it properly?? Similarly why
accept a camera review about a semi pro camera from someone who is
not willing to post process, or shoot raw or mess with the settings
to tailor the results to you. THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE THERE FOR.

I do not expect a glowing review of everything. All things have their
fault, and nothing is perfect, but if I am reviewing a car that has
track aspirations, and I don't drive it on the track, or at least try
it there, then whatever I say has no value. The soccer mom won't buy
the car because the ride is harsh and bone jarring, and there is
barely enough space for groceries let alone the kids. But if I left
out this piece... but on the track or on the back roads the car is a
dream to drive, it is nimble, powerful, the steering feel is great,
the brakes are fantastic and it has an engine to die for..... How can
my review be complete and wholly communicate the purpose of the car.

The reviewer obviously seems to feel that the K 7 is an upgrade from
a point and shoot and should behave as such. Therefore he is a knit
wit by all means. You don't buy a D300 if all you are going to do is
family shots. You buy it for the creative latitude it gives you over
all below it, not the scene modes. If you want a dslr for family
shots, get a D40 or and XS or a KM or an E520 with the kit lens.
These cameras give you the punch you need straight out of jpeg and
all is good.

So if you can't understand the point Lance is making, then you are
arguing for the sake of it, not because you are right or have a valid

Well put argument.


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