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seosg wrote:

Aperture user here, but a more general organization question

When going on a trip to Key West or other vacation... do you leave
ALL the photos in a folder in aperture or bridge ... or just keyword
them and move bird pics to birds etc...

I am having trouble now that i am getting a large library with how to
organize. All photos get the appropriate keywords,

As an example..should a photo of an osprey taken in Key west go into
the Bird, raptor folder or keep it in the location folder such as
"key west trip" and just be keyworded for osprey etc....

just looking to see how you guys with huge libraries do it before
mine gets to that stage. I appreciate any advice/feedback.

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I use PSE 7. I tag all of my photos with the appropriate tags. In your example, I would create possibly four tags: Key West, Bird, Raptor and Osprey. That way, you could easily access not only the osprey photos you took in Key West, but if you tagged any other photos with Key West, you would see them as well.

PSE 7 also allows you to create individual albums. In your case, you could create an album titled "Key West" and if you go there often, you could also create sub groups such as "Key West 2009" and "Key West 2008".

We go to Wisconsin every year and every photo gets tagged "Wisconsin" under the Places group. The photos also go into a sub album; this year's are in the Wisconsin album in the 2009 sub-group.

This system allows me to find any photo using any combination of tags. I can click on the tag for one of my grandchildren's name and then click on the California tag and then find all the photos I took of that grandchild while in California.

In your case, you could click on the osprey tag and then the Key West tag and you would see all the osprey photos you took in Key West.
I hope this is understandable and addresses what you are looking for.

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