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K7 review..No biggie!

Here is my two cents. I am not for nor against any brand, as I am still deciding on K7 or D300. I am just doing my time right now. My feelings on the matter are that the only real review can be when the camera is officially in the hands of the masses. Some are looking at the pictures and pointing out that they are horrible on the part of the reviewer. Let't think about this for a moment. When was the last realease of any dslr that produced a horrible image? Looking at the official Pentax website pictures tells otherwise. At the very least the K7 will have K20D quality output. It's not the image quality that is to worry about at all. As we all know that the K20D produces stunning images in the right hands and must assume the K7 will too. The only thing holding me back from say a K20D/K7 is autofocus speed & service to the professional photographer . I make a my living with a camera and these two things are what is important to me. Maybe not to some. The bottom line is that we should all just wait and see. Full release is shortly and everyone will have a chance to have a say. My prediction is that all will be fine. Image quality will be stunning. Auto focus will have improved. Do what extent needs to be determined still. My final thought is that I just picked up the latest Popular photography magazine and they had nice things to say. Especially under the consider this if.....Your looking for a super deal, with pro-level build and truly cutting-edge technology. They don't have a production model and they say "As soon as we get a production unit, we'll run it through the gauntlet. A very popular magazine in the states doesn't even now the extent of the K7 yet. So whats to say anyone else does! Thanks for listening and I look forward to full production.

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