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Re: Those are by far the worst images

Lance B wrote:

Ahh, the old fanboy label to try to bolster your flawed argument.
Show me ANYWHERE where I said that the K7 was a good camera? All I
did was bring into question a review that plainly showed blatant
flaws and gross inaccuracies and also question your wholehearted
agreeance of that very same flawed review. So, just because I
question the flawed review and your devotion to it, I am now I am a
fanboy? Give it up pal.

My "wholehearted agreeance"? Pull one, just one, post where I even said anything about the agreeing with the review, other than that I've seen worse photos by other photographers.

I would believe you think it's a great camera because you already ordered it. I wouldn't buy a body unless I thought it was a good camera.

At the Canon forum, we have fanboys galore in that reviews are panned because they don't hold the Canon bodies up to the highest light. It seems that every forum pans every review to fit their view and gives excuses why the review came out differently from their perspective.

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