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Re: Those are by far the worst images

KALEL33 wrote:

No, that's where your blatant fanboyism defense mechanism kicks in to
disparage anyone that doesn't toe the Pentax fanboy party line. I've
been keeping up the the K7 because I'm looking at a possible switch
out of Canon, because I don't like the direction their going in with
MP being the end all of what a camera should improve upon. It's a
toss up between Nikon and Pentax, and a lot rides on how well the AF
does with the K7. If it's as slow and tracks like previous Pentax
cameras then it's a no, but if it does then the K7 will probably be
my next camera.

K-7's AF is better than Canon 40D/50D/5D, Oly E3 and very close to D700/D300.

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