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Re: Those are by far the worst images

MajStriker wrote:

alanschamber wrote:

Yes, I've seen worse here. And surely most of us also take worse
also, and just delete them so no one sees them. So what??? Those
photos are still garbage. And the DPR photos of the K20, at least
were trying the camera in different situations, to see how it worked:
try not to blow highlights, retain details in black, and other
things. I cannot say that about those photos this guy published.

Are you serious??? That would be true for Canikon, since most of them
think they are a pro, and don't even know how to even process files,
or why is it better to have 12 bits of color information, rather than
8. Oh, yeah... sure. Those with a Nikon D300 shouldn't know it
because it makes wonderful jpgs... don't be silly. It would NEVER be
better than a good RAW file (close? yes... but even if you have to
change the WB only 200 K, the difference would still be there). And
no... most people who would complain about the IQ of a camera,
already know that the best is only achieved with RAW.

I am being serious. I never implied anywhere that a JPG would be
better or even as good as RAW. That would be ridiculous. What I'm
saying is a reality though. The majority of DSLR users do actually
use JPG settings more often than RAW. That's a fact.

Not at this level of cameras. Most people that take serious photography in this forum actually shoot more RAW than in other forums. There is even people, like me, who it's been 6 months since the last time I shot only JPG (and it was to send fast a shot of a wall to my father). That doesn't mean that the JPG is bad... but that we prefer to have the control.

And.. if it takes forever to review fully a camera: I'd prefer that,
rather than a stupid thing this guy have done, that it actually
didn't tell me anything that I didn't already know from another
sites. I think it was actually more an opinion, rather than any
technical detail, even.

So please... be serious.


I'm sure you would prefer that as would we all...next time you're
doing your upcoming camera reviews you go ahead and do that. You'll
forgive me if I understand that the Pentax K7 isn't the only camera
that the world has produced and that this reviewer doesn't want to
spend months reviewing, compiling and organizing meticulous photos
for a free review with each possible JPG setting.

Look, we'd all prefer to have just as much information as we could on
the new K7 but we got to be realistic, this is just the first of many
reviews that will come out on the new K7, some will have more detail
and some will have less. I think the important thing to take away is
that the review is quite positive. The really great news is about the
ISO performance, as well as the improved AF results. Those were areas
that received some criticism in the K20D and it's been obviously
improved, don't get caught up because the reviewer made some mistakes
regarding Pentax History. I think we can accept the good while
reasonably discounting the bad. To completely discredit ALL of this
reviewer's comments because of one or two erroneous statements is
foolish. At least he's had some time with the K7...to my knowledge no
one that has posted in this thread has had that experience. Someone
with an experience is never at the mercy of someone who has not.

If you don't want to do it... then don't. And no, it's not a positive review, if you think a little more about it. Look at the ratings of the other cameras. It's like saying that you are good for working for a company, but in the other hand show everyone that you would recommend at least 5 people over you. Oh, yeah... thank's for telling me I'm good.

And yes... Mousehill has that experience, and have already uploaded photos that are at least one hundred times better than those seen there. And... we haven't even seen them in real size.

Progress is not possible without deviation from the norm - Frank Zappa

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