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Re: Those are by far the worst images

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Lance B wrote:

Would you accept a review of a car from me, especially if I kept
getting the fact wrong about the cars ability, or from a motoring
journalist who knwos what they are talking about?

I was only partly serious.

Fair enough.

When there are factual faults in the review then it of course make
the review less interesting. And there is in this review.

But I do still claim that taking good images is not necessary. You
might be able to judge a camera and even images - without being able
to produce stellar images yourself.

It's just that if you are not competent to take photos, then one has to ask what your abilities are and thus if you do not take photos very often or are a novice, then how can we trust your judgement on a camera such as this. For me, I would like to know that the reviewer has very good knowledge and understands all aspects of how a camera works and why.

The comment about underexposure is a case in point. This is how Pentax sets up the exposure of their cameras in order to preserve highlights, so it is how Pentax does things. It's not wrong, just different to the way that Canon or Nikon do it and therefore should not be looked upon as a fault as it was designed that way in the first place.

You dont have to be a good driver to be able to judge a car - but
maybe you shall know things about cars.

Again, I would like to think that a car reviewer knows his cars and how it operates so as we can trust their judgement.

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