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Business as usual

Why should reviewers change just because a new Pentax arrives.

Once again it will be up to the Pentax forums to prove such reviews wrong and of course we will do that with the K-7 also.

The problem with such mainstream reviews is that there are so many that it will hurt sale one way or another because "mainstream people" do not distinguish between revivews by people who don't have a clou like "What Digital Camera" or reviews here at DPReview.

Í rate DPReview at the top of online review services but even here this forum has to prove them wrong simply by posting images with a quality way above what should be possible according to the reviews. Strange? Not really. Even though I rate DPReview at the top it is still a mainstream service and I don't think people should expect anything else but good mainstream reviews.

Everybody in the mainstream business is forced to follow the market and digital camera reviewers are not any different. Even though some of them might dream of being a market changing factor it is a mission impossible because they themselves are also a product of the mainstream market mechanisms.

I don't buy any of the conspiracy theories. It is just the way the market works and we are also a part of this mechanism and only the customers can change the market direction by voting with their wallets and then the mainstream business will follow including reviewers.

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