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Re: Those are by far the worst images

MajStriker wrote:

Mousehill wrote:

that I have seen from any photographer!

How on earth can a person why doesn't know how to shoot a well
exposed and well lit subject, with good light (and composition)
review a camera?
The images don't go behind plain pointing and shooting...... the
reviewer should stick to writing about P&S camera's

Capturing time that will never be the same


What the heck, man? Are you really trying to be serious?
Let's take a look at some samples that DPreview have posted...these
are from the K20D samples:

Now THOSE pictures are pure point and shoot type of pictures. At
least this reviewer's pictures had some artistic appeal to them. And
either you haven't been perusing this forum very long or just don't
look at other people's pictures very often because I've seen far far
worse here.

Yes, I've seen worse here. And surely most of us also take worse also, and just delete them so no one sees them. So what??? Those photos are still garbage. And the DPR photos of the K20, at least were trying the camera in different situations, to see how it worked: try not to blow highlights, retain details in black, and other things. I cannot say that about those photos this guy published.

The underexposed pictures is a conscious choice by Pentax no doubt
(see a recent poster's thread on the K20D) but that doesn't mean a
user has to accept that. Nor do you or I. When someone reviews a
camera they have a right to criticize (or praise) the jpg performance
because let's be honest...most people will use the jpg. Yes several
will go with the RAW some of the time but mostly they use the JPG and
that's what you have to judge is the default. No one has the time to
test five or six different jpg settings as 8-10 different ISO
settings etc etc. It would take forever.

Are you serious??? That would be true for Canikon, since most of them think they are a pro, and don't even know how to even process files, or why is it better to have 12 bits of color information, rather than 8. Oh, yeah... sure. Those with a Nikon D300 shouldn't know it because it makes wonderful jpgs... don't be silly. It would NEVER be better than a good RAW file (close? yes... but even if you have to change the WB only 200 K, the difference would still be there). And no... most people who would complain about the IQ of a camera, already know that the best is only achieved with RAW.

And.. if it takes forever to review fully a camera: I'd prefer that, rather than a stupid thing this guy have done, that it actually didn't tell me anything that I didn't already know from another sites. I think it was actually more an opinion, rather than any technical detail, even.

So please... be serious.

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