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WHO says that they have a "full production" unit ?-- not the author!

I didn't find the claim of having a "full production" camera in the body of the text. Only in the links to the following pages and the sub-titles. In other words the claim is probably being made by the editor rather than the author (assuming they are not the same person).

This claim to have a "full production" or alternately "full firmware" is also made as part of an obvious "Get Googles Attention" scheme -- popular wisdom has long been that Google ranks words in links higher than regular text. See how the editor tries out different possible search combinations in the links below instead of more sensibly sticking with one way of saying it:

  • Page 1: Pentax K7 DSLR review - Features

  • Page 2: Pentax K-7 full production model review - Design

  • Page 3: Pentax K7 full firmware review - Performance

  • Page 4: Pentax K-7 review - Image Quality & Value for Money

  • Page 5: Pentax K7 full first review - review specifications / specs

  • Page 6: Pentax K7 DSLR review Verdict

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That said, everyone here agrees that the review sets new standards for rushed-off sloppiness. I don't know if this has been mentioned here, but what is this about:

?> ?> The long-standing Nikon D300, for example, has a 51-point AF system that sounds frightfully better - at least on paper.

-- Why does 51-point AF sound better than 77-point AF ?


------- Too bad because if the review had any credibility I'd take it as a good review because it says that ISO 3200 is so usable.

"The Pentax K-7 provides rather exceptional image quality in terms of noise"


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