What are the benefits of the LX3 over LX2 ?

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Guy Parsons
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Ravncat wrote:

Do you shoot in raw - if so, do you use the silkypix that came with
the camera or a third party raw converter - I've read reports of
magical distortion corrections in the onboard jpg and in the silkypix

Silkypix is an excellent RAW converter and jpeg/tiff adjuster, but of course the unfamiliar names for controls and the highly inscrutable manual do nothing but add to the general confusion.

The in-camera jpeg and the Silkypix RAW conversion do the necessary removal of LX3 barrel distortion, and maybe needs a tad more correction if fussy about having straight poles at edges. Some other RAW converters do the same barrel distortion correction and other don't. The freebie RawTherapee for instance does not do any distortion correction.

Silkypix is good in that you can use the Trim function and expand the image out to the limits of the RAW files, which is a whisker bigger than the default jpeg file, thus maybe adding a needed bit at the edges in some cases. Works better on some cameras than others.

In the background I'm working on Silkypix help pages to add to my LX3 pages but nothing as yet there on the web until a I have a bunch of useful pages and not some scattered stuff like I have now.

There is a Silkypix "manual" available for a few UK pounds from John Nevill, I've never read it but some have criticised it for not having enough detail in some areas. http://www.eos-images.com/silkypix-resources/ebook-an-introduction-to-silkypix

The genuine Silkypix manual in PDF form is here, I found it easier to manage when I printed it instead of poring over it on the screen. http://www.shortcutinc.com/cms/manuals/sp/SilkyPixManual.pdf and I have made a very rough first copy of the Contents pages with added page numbers that refer to the Silkypix manual if you print the PDF. http://homepages.ihug.com.au/~parsog/silkypix/xcontents.pdf

Silkypix is all about the image and not about image management or graphic art fiddling. I am very impressed with what it can do so am persevering with learning it properly and eventually providing help pages that can be understood.

At one stage I played with every RAW converter available and Silkypix was the one that most easily gave me a decent result from a sample particularly bad RAW file, so it won my vote.

I bought the full version long ago, but the free version that comes with the LX3 works the same with any Panasonic RAW or jpegs from any Panasonic camera that supports RAW files. Update the free version here... http://www.isl.co.jp/SILKYPIX/english/p/

Regards............. Guy

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