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Re: This review was fine. Give this guy a break.

I read with interest that the reviewer felt there was a yellow colour cast on jpegs.

This is something I really notice now, looking back on many of my Pentax shots, particularly my istds (at the time I was told it was the lens). I also notice it on this forum on many shots.

Also, being the devil's advocate again; doesn't the k7 suppposedly have a range of ways to allow for greater DR? That being so, why the need for underexposure to 'preserve highlights'? This makes the greater EV range of this camera a necessity, rather than a wonderful improvement!!

rather than concerning myself about whether the reviewer can actually take photos or not, I am more interested in the actual IQ. I couldn't find the exif of the cat shot, so it may be high iso, but the noise is atrocious on that shot. There is little detail in the white chest fur, Or the CA at the skyline on the clothesline shot. Surely that is of more importance than whether a picture of a cat is good enough for a Pentax camera?

I also want to like this camera, but not so much that I am going to defend it unseen, unheld, unused.

In defense of the reviewer, I cannot help but feel he's in a better position to judge than most of you who are blindly defending a camera you have not even seen yet, let alone used

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