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Richard Smals
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Re: This review was fine. Give this guy a break.

Jorgen E wrote:

Gary Martin wrote:

The K-7 is more of a competitor to the D300 and Canon 50D.

The D300 9is almost 2 years old by now, so, in reality, the
competition for the K-7 will be the next iterations of those
cameras. Perhaps that's the biggest problem for the K-7?

Why? I hear the next iteration will be the Nikon D300s = Nikon D300 with Nikon D90 video that's all. So if this is true the K-7 will hold it's ground, especially if you count in the price increase nikon will do on the D300s. I for one was tempted by the D300 at some time but the size of that thing was holding me back, the K20D is as big i can tolerate. I use my K-m more and more for personal shooting, and use the K20D for studio work and assignments.

I welcome the K-7 very much.


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