can someone explain nikon's body lines to me please?

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Re: I don't understand the purpose of the question ...

if you go to the nikon europe site , and select products then digital cameras ,then proffesional cameras you will see D3X...D3 D700 and D300. the D300 has allways been listed as a Pro camera at Nikon europe , and it appears in the Pro section .

also to get free membership to the Nikon Pro scheme you need two have purchased at least 2 Nikon Pro items ie. D300 and a Pro lens . so it seems a bit strange that so many still say the D300 is an enthusiast camera and not Pro.

Nikon has it billed as a Compact Proffessional Camera .the other DSLRs are listed as Consumer. and the Coolpix are seperate from both.

Nikon are no strangers to wierd Name sequences for their cameras , their film cameras were no different they would appear to follow a sequence of numbers with models only to go and produce a couple with what appear to be totally random and (to us) meaningless names. the only exception seems to be their top of the range models allways seem to have had single numbers , although they will add additional letters like H,S or X for example.

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