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Apart from the comment regarding the grip inaccuracy I would say it's an outstanding review. What are you complaining about? The reviewer definitely had lots and lots of positive remarks to make about the K7, the few negatives made I would have to agree with (mainly the target price point). If the price was lower by about $150-200 the K7 would just about blow everyone else out of the water. As it is, the K7 is an excellent model that does appear to outperform the competition. However, the competition happens to be Canon and Nikon which have just incredible market saturation. When you want to penetrate deeply into a market as heavily dominated as the DSLR market is, building a better camera is not enough...you have to build a CHEAPER better camera. Toyota didn't become the largest car company in the world by building Lexus...it was their cheaper Toyota brand that got the penetration.

That being said, the K7 looks just simply brilliant. I'm definitely tempted heavily by those ISO results. The 3200 looks very usuable and you've got SR!

Oh yeah, before I forget...Someone complained about the sample pictures...are you kidding me?!!! Take a look at DPReview's sample galleries! This guy did a hell of a lot better than they do! The reviewer had better pictures than a majority of the shots that show up here in the forum even, what are you expecting?

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