Tuning in to the E-P1

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Tuning in to the E-P1

Hello everyone,

I mentioned earlier that I see a lot of Me-me-me centric pontification going on about the E-P1, by photographers who don't have the personal need for a compact, socially acceptable (even attractive) DSLR IQ camera.

I just think it's funny, that people get up on the wonderful soapbox of the interweb to explain why a camera which doesn't suit their personal needs is only for the 'deluded' - in fact I find it hilarious and entertaining!

This place is better than Cats

But who am I to judge... as I said to wolfie earlier - you just can't tell 'em

Who's going to be the one to set them straight, Man? Me? Look at me Man! Wrong!

For myself, I'm getting 'tuned-in' to what the E-P1 is all about...

The last family christening I attended, I took a look at my extensive range of DSLR options... realised that I wanted the best possible IQ, but that this would be a family event, and I didn't want to look like a complete photography dildo - so I took the smallest, most discreet camera I could use - the E-420...

But wait! now we have to worry about low light, and no stabilisation - plus reaching over the heads of all the P&S family members crowding the subjects. So we have to go to a manual fast prime lens, or a stabilised PL 14-150 to get the reach.

This is the crux of the problem - I'm sitting down for the family meal... surrounded by older brother, sisters, cousins etc... and I can't bring myself to get even the smallest DSLR on earth out to take pictures. It was just a hulking great black blob compared to all those tiny silver P&S cams littering the table.

So I missed a lot of shots I would have got if I'd had the E-P1 with me.

And the best I could do? still looking like a complete nob at the back of a crowd of happy snappers, zooming in with the stabilised but slow PL 14-150...

So here we are... the old lady in front getting the best shot without a viewfinder? think she gives a toss about OVF/EVF? lol no she got the shot!

Yes, I'm buying an E-P1... not a Nikon D3x - you'd have to be deluded to take a D3x anywhere near my family occasions!

Kind Regards

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