Oly E-P1 nice, but could have been so much more

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Re: Three command dials

doady wrote:

...is unnecessary, in my opinion. Most of us only have two hands.

You're right, I forgot the remove the current dial on the back. I think its placement is unfortunate. My thumbwheel dial was ment as a replacement for it.

EVF is not really an improvement. A higher resolution LCD would be
more useful and less costly, and not add to the bulk of the camera.

Sure I would be in for a better LCD. But contrary to you I think adding such a hi-rez LCD would be more costly than adding an EVF. After all, Nikon didnt place their highly praised 640x480 TFT in the semi-budget D5000.

Only an optical viewfinder would be true improvement over LCD, and it
is useless for certain fixed, non-exotic focal lengths anyways so it
is not worth it either.

Right, optical viewfinders don't go (well) with an exangeable lens system. Thats why I opted for an EVF. I'm certainly not a huge fan of EVF, but these type of cams scream for it. And IMO even a mediocre EVF is better than no VF at all.

IMO, the Olympus E-P1 design is much better as is. Not only because
the size is smaller but also because the flash hotshoe is flush with
the top of the body.

Mine is flush with the top of the body. You probalby ment flush with the top of the lens? No prob, Olympus could easily design an a-symmertrical external flash unit with the illumination panel straigth above the lens.

It is better that the viewfinder and flash be optional. The camera
should be customizable to suit each one's needs.

The FOV of the current optional VF1 viewfinder makes it only usable with the 17mm pancake. Not a good option IMO.

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