1st Days with the DP2... and the IQ is amazing.

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Re: 1st Days with the DP2... and the IQ is amazing.

Yep or at least good JPEG zooming quality...once you go sigma you never go back

100meters wrote:

jasonh_1 wrote:

I love that 3rd image. Nice job.

Glad you like the DP. Sigma really has something here with their IQ.


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Thanks for compliment...
I was just a bit surprised at how these came out, the LCD really is
not giving you the sense that you've grabbed the goods. Also, on
screen I'd been really concerned with highlights on the water,
(bracketed all these shots) but the histogram gave pretty good
guidance and it turned out everything was fine. If anything was
screaming for a 920k display, it'd be this camera.

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