Oly E-P1 nice, but could have been so much more

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Re: second generation E-P camera?

RoelHendrickx wrote:

It would be nice to see some of the things you want, in an E-P2 :

  • a (good quality please !) EVF

  • a pop up flash that sits next to the hotshoe, making a combination

of bounce and fill possible (like with the E-330)

  • to add another dial wheel would be good, but then one on the front


  • tripod socket straight under the lens please

  • and then make this weather-sealed in a styling similar to what you


Now that is the Digital Pen I would seriously consider buying.

And faster focus. The Panasonic G1 could have been exactly the camera described, and functionally is, but it is bigger because Panasonic wanted a better feel in the hand once it was too big for the pocket. But some would prefer to save the size instead, and the camera that the OP shows would appeal to them. As is it stands, I'm not sure why the E-P1 appeals either to those who want a point-and-shoot substitute (the price and lack of flash) or those who want a DSLR substitute (the lack of EVF and slow focus). Bad planning, I think, Olympus.

One last thought on the idea that Olympus missed. I'm sure they hold focus groups, but why not release alternative plans for various components as ideas they are working on just to see the reaction on these forums. They'd get a whole lot of free analysis from people who care enough about these cameras to bother to write. I'd bet they're focus groups don't do as well.

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