Oly E-P1 nice, but could have been so much more

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"so much more"...?

although this is stupid I somehow had this "well, some people are just never happy"-feeling.

I mean, in the rumors phase at the very end, I was so disappointed by the result.

But now that the real pictures are there and it appears that it's manually well operable, I've really changed my mind and totally like this camera.

and don't you think it's so cool that they supply a optical viewfinder?

For people like me, who currently do not own a D-SLR (and there are a lot) the possibility to do D-SLR-like stuff (like making a 60s exposure or via adapter using the lens that's good for a particular task) is really great and I think they've done very well with the physical limitations in the kit zoom lens.

I think a small (super) wide-angle is lacking a bit since if I do P&S, I'm doing it at 28mm and would prefer wider.

Hopefully they make such a lens that's well placed between affordable and prime but expensive.

I also like 42mm.

If I look at the camera as a first model (of Olympus) for a new system, then I'd say they've done remarkably well!!!!!!!! (yes,!!!!)

And there could for example follow: optical viewfinders for other lenses, wireless remote control, other small lenses.

Regarding a successor: I'm quite obsessed with articulating screens. I'm really curious if they're able to somehow make something new out of the current framing situation: in the Ricoh forums there was once a thread where one proposed a modular approach so that either a screen or a viewfinder could be attached and therefore also making it possible to depart camera and framing device.

But maybe "just" challenging the mechanics so that an articulation screen could be built at the utmost smallest size would be very interesting.

Some time ago I would have said for me and other creative people but now that Nikon already has poster ads saying something like "shoot at any angle", I think that's a feature we'll luckily see more and more in the future.

Anyhow, you've done a great rendering

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