Should K20 owners see a firmware upgrade after the K-7 ships?

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Re: Should K20 owners see a firmware upgrade after the K-7 ships?

1. Buy an aftermarket remote (they exist) with a lockable button (they exist). Or use a cable release.

2. All DSLRs use dark frame subtraction for long exposure NR, although some do not turn it on automatically. That is because long exposure noise is almost exclusively hot pixels due to the sensor being on a long time. It varies with conditions and over time so the only way to eliminate most of it is to do a dark frame at the same time as the shot when the same pixels are being heated up.

One reason I bought my original *ist D was because it had dark frame subtraction NR and it defaulted on.

No self respecting astrophotographer would ever consider shooting longer exposures without shooting a dark frame to eliminate heat noise, whether using a CCD or a CMOS camera.
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