18-200VR shoots motor racing Today...........

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Chris Walden Senior Member • Posts: 2,394
Re: Hi Chris......

Very rarely do I venture to the other forums on dp... spend enough time here and have built up some friends so I like it here. But was just browsing earlier and saw a post ( http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1005&message=32140737 ) on viewer participation.

Kind of made me think a little bit... For the most part I try to comment on everyones thread that I look at and again at the end of the day if someone post their photos on hear they need to be prepared for good and bad.

We have ALL done this... Somone is new to the board, posts a few pics we click on the thread and go 'Yikes...' not even worth making a comment on those.

I try to make some postive comments or worthy critique, maybe I am wrong but it seems like if nobody responds they will just leave with a sour taste in their mouth?
Sooner or later will find the right photo to place here...

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