Nikon D5000 review out - Dpreview is obviously biased!!

Started Jun 12, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Re: Lol, you Canon kids

It is funny how any decision that doesn't favor us is labelled "bias". At my sons baseball game the other day, the umpire called a strike, and the other team's parents started crying foul, accusing the ump of favoritism.

Other people post comments about two products (Canon/Nikon, Mac/PC, Coke/Pepsi, etc, etc) that look like..."IMHO, I like brand xxx, but others seem to like brand yyy. They just don't get it."

Well, they get "it" but "it" is just a different "it" than you got. Get it?

People that write IMHO, usually are not H at all.


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