is there a gap in the market?

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Re: this is an old thread - what did you say back then?

Pennyanne wrote:

I revived this oldie becos I was REALLY interested to read what
everybody said back then about my thoughts re a smaller, more compact
and lightweight DSLR, compared with how you think now.
Well, at the time, mostly due to the musos hijacking of the thread, I
felt ridiculed and belittled.
Since that thread was started, there HAVE been some incredible leaps
in technology and some dreams have been answered, in the form of
Panasonic G1, GH1, the new Oly Pen and soon to be Samsung NX.

What I want to know from all of you is this;
--are these little fellas pointing the way forward? Has the K7
stepped inthe right direction or should it have been washed in even
hotter water? big, heavy cameras take better pictures
than little, light ones? (Hmm, probably not when they're home in the
camera bag and you're running down the beach/halfway up a mountain
with your little lightweight camera.. but I want YOUR thoughts, not

My thoughts haven't changed much. I would like something more in the classic small rangefinder style, as I stated earlier. Maybe a 3X to 4X zoom, 16mm on the wide end, with great optical qualities, starting around f/4. No on-camera flash, but a well developed accessory flash with a good hotshoe attachment.

Two pieces. Two pockets. Total cost: $1000 or down, but not too far down, because further down means worse quality in lens and camera, lack of features and all that leads to. Swivel LCD, or at least a flip-up/down. Real strap lugs to give a choice (a la K-7).

For me--and let me emphasize that--such a camera would make an almost ideal companion to the K20D, or, eventually, the K-7.

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