18-200VR shoots motor racing Today...........

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Hi jafo.........

I could understand if you had just said you didnt like them, or they look over sharpened, or even given some constructive criticism, but it was the way you phrased your question......

It just read to me like a jackass insult, as though thats all I post is badly procesed images. Maybe thats true? but for me to take you seriously you should have said

"They look over sharpened to me, have you got the unprocessed originals" something like that....and again all taken at 5.6???? where do you get that from??!! most are f8-f11!!

It doesnt matter to me if people like them or not, everbody has personal taste, and i do learn from comments made on here and listen to the constructive advice when given.....but yours came across rude. whether that was your aim I dont know?

anyway...I dont hold grudges over silly little comments. Like I say of course you're entitled not to like them, what i do is of personal taste. yeah I even think i do still over proces them sometimes, maybe all the time! but I have printed them all off in an album....and they are not OVER sharpened

anyhow.......I never comment on peoples work if I dont like it, not even if they ask for CC...i think 'why do I have the right to pull their work down??' if they like it then thats all that matters...and it is.

Again I'm not one for giving advice, but in the future I would maybe think how you ask somebody for other work....in a way that doesnt seem sneaky and indirect.

Its up to you if you look at my threads, nobody is ever forced to I'll continue to look and comment on anybodies pictures that i like and not comment on the ones I dont

p.s. you do have some cool shots on your flickr site, but I'm not going to say it as you might take it the wrong way



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