Demand for k-7 in New Zealand?

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I'd purchase one.....

If the price was right.

K7 body only in Aus is around NZ$1950 equivalent, which I think is reasonable. I purchased my "golden edition" *istD in Australia several years ago for around the same price (current exchange rates).

I have yet to purchase any camera gear in NZ, besides second-hand items online and a camera packpack at WPS. Prices of Pentax gear in NZ have "always" seemed astronomical. It's a bit sad really.

There is a greater likelihood that I'd purchase online or during a trip to Aus to be honest, given the price you've posted.

k10djames wrote:

I work for a camera retailer in Wellington, New Zealand, which-
despite me being a pentax user- does not normally stock any pentax. I
for one am excited about getting my hands on the k-7 and am trying to
gauge the demand in nz for the camera and whether it would be worth
ordering in. From talking to the nz distributor it will retail for
around $2600 and be available late July. While I realize that's not
exactely cheap internationally it is basically the same price as the
d90 body over here.

I hope this isn't in breach of any forum rules- I did have a read of
them and wasn't entirely sure

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