First weekend with the E-3

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Re: First weekend with the E-3

OK, pics as promised .. all quite low-res though. All are OOC JPEGs except the shots done with the OMZ 300mm which needs some contrast in PP.

Candlelit. ZD50mm F4 1/30 ISO 200 -0.3ev

This was me playing with the camera on its first night

Moon – using an OMZ 300mmF4.5 plus no-name 2x converter. 1/160 sec, F11, handheld

I’ve been trying a few moon shots, but I live too close to the city to get the wonderful clear skies necessary for the fantastic shots.

My first attempt at catching droplets. ZD50mm 1/160 F13 with FL36 bounced off rear reflector. Using Tungsten WB.

Played around with this after following some links from this forum.

Emerging foliage on my acacia. ZD50mm 1/100 F6.3 ISO 320 (A), handheld, -0.3ev

Native Australian flower. ZD50mm, 1/160 F8, manual, off-camera flash on low power.

My 2nd daughter. ZD50mm, 1/30 F8 ISO 800. Maybe the WB wasn’t so bad after all?

Melbourne Zoo trip to the lion cage. OMZ 300mm, 1/125, F8 I think, -0.3ev, handheld, ISO 500. Shot through the mesh, hence the blurring in the top of the frame.

Lemur. OMZ 300mm, 1/100, ISO800, probably F8, -0.3ev. Handheld.

Brown bear, shot by my elder daughter (and through glass I think). ZD40-150, 1/250, ISO 400, F5.2, -0.3ev.

Meerkat, also by my daughter ZD40-150 through glass.

Mia. ZD40-150 @94mm, 1/200, F6.3, -0.3ev. Very pleased to see the DR hold up well with the sunlight on one side of her face. I doubt the 510 would have handled this so well.

Gorilla. OMZ300mm, 1/100, handheld, F11. ISO800, -0.7ev.

This was getting late in the day and the light was failing – hence the high ISO (was on auto) and low shutter speed. I need to go back with some better lighting.

Mandrill. OMZ300mm, 1/60s, handheld (!), -0.7ev, ISO 800.

See gorilla comment, by now the light was getting dim.

Butterfly. ZD40-150 @123mm, 1/250, F5.3, FL-36R on auto, -0.7ev

Step right up! ZD40-150 @40mm, 1/80, F5, FL-36 on auto, -0.3ev

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