I need some lubrication (Ai/AiS lenses)

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I need some lubrication (Ai/AiS lenses)


I've recently been hanging out on ebay, trying to assemble a nice collection of Ai / Ais primes (from 20mm to 85mm).

My first requirement is that the lenses should be optically excellent (I'm seeing quite a bit of sample variation when I'm in pixel-peeping mode). My next requirement (and almost as important for me) is that the focusing action should be smooth and light.

I'm seeing a large variation in focusing action.

I've bought three lenses (28/2.8 AiS, 50/1.8 AiS long barrel, 85/1.8 Ai) which have perfect focusing action, but many others have been lacking. A couple are smooth but too tight/stiff. Another is dry and light. Several are a bit wobbly.

I've read that it is possible to have a technician relubricate these lens and I'd like to find out a bit more:

  • Is this definitely a job for an expert, or could it be a DIY project?

  • Apart from regreasing a lens (I assume the lubricant is some sort of grease?), are there other ways in which a technician can adjust the tension/friction of a lens's focusing action?

  • Any recommendations for a UK-based technician? (I know and like Fixation here in London, but I'm wondering if there are any smaller operations which might be a bit cheaper.)

Thanks for any info.


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