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Re: 5D Mark II with Sarah Palin

pmharriss wrote:

NickMJr wrote:

carlk wrote:

Give you some more idea: Let's say the government prints a lot of
money, say a million for each citizens and actually gives the money
to everyone. On the other hand people are too worried to spend they
are just put the money in the banks or put under the mattresses. The
money will do nothing to the economy and not even cause inflation.
Thats' pretty much what was happening when the economy was on the way
to a melt down. The stimulus plan was not just to print more money
but to give people confidence that we will not run out money and
willing to put our money back into the economy. I think it worked
and worked very nicely,

How long will it work nicely as you say? At some point don't you
think that money we borrowed has to be repayed? Also just wait
until Obama increases taxes on the "rich". Yep, those big bad "rich"
people will have to pay alot more money, or will they? The answer is
no... yes their tax bill will massively increase under Obama but do
you really believe that money is directly going to be paid by the
"rich"? The answer is no?, the rich owns business, and employ the
"non-rich" they will be the ones paying the "riches" tax bills.
They will pay for in by, not recieving pay raises, lossing there jobs
when the "rich" guys want to cut costs, and they will be pay the
taxes by increase cost of buying the produces the "rich" make.
Nick M

Well you have to be pretty stupid to not know when someone makes a typing error.
Nick M

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